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Increasing Mobility & Adaptations for an MS Sufferer

The Challenge


Treating a gentleman with multiple sclerosis. He is wheelchair dependent and uses a power chair to maintain a certain level of independence around the home. He is able to use his left arm within basic functional tasks however unable to use his right arm. He also has visual problems, which has an impact on his independence around the home. His main issues were having problems with being able to access and use the computer and phone. As a result he would rarely be left at home alone.


Our Suggested Solutions


Discussion with him and his family about a referral to the North West assistive technology service for assessment to see if there would be any aids or adaptations that could be made to his computer and phone in order for him to be able to access them in an easier way, therefore increasing his level of independence for using these items.


The Outcome


The assisted technology team visited our patient at his home and looked into providing a variety of technical device adaptations and communication aids to help with access independently. The aids were installed and set up, he was able to use them and benefited from being able to be in contact with friends and family.