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Based in the North West, we are a team of neurological physiotherapists working together to support our patients with a wide range of neurological conditions and needs. We offer Neurological Physiotherapy treatments to both adults and children.
personalized neuro care

A Team of Neurological Therapists

We take a holistic view to our patient’s treatment. Our therapists work together when required, we share desired outcomes, treatment milestones and our continually evolving, tailored care plan.

Sarah Wilkinson – Owner Profile

Neuro Team

Sarah has been a qualified and fully practicing neuro physiotherapist for over 13 years. Since 2011, Sarah has worked within a private practice providing neuro physiotherapy both in clinic and within patient’s own homes. Sarah regularly liaises with NHS clinics, consultants, solicitors and case managers and with other members of the multi-disciplinary team.  Sarah has also worked extensively in the NHS, both within acute and rehabilitation units and within the community. Sarah believes in an ethos of continual learning. She actively practices a keen interest in the latest industry changes to keep her at the forefront of technology and able to innovate life changing solutions for her patients. As such, Sarah has studied extensively, throughout her career, gaining a wealth of specialisms and areas of interest to compliment her day to day work. Sarah’s experience involves managing a team of therapists, supporting and training them to deliver excellent care. Support for family, carers, teaching facilitating treatment plan with carers and support workers.

  • Functional neurological disorder June 2019
  • Ribcage Presentation October 2018
  • Parkinson’s disease Jan 2018
  • Splinting guidelines Nov 2018
  • MS update Apr 2015
  • Balance course 2012
  • Upper limb Bobath course 2011
  • Neurological exercise group
  • MND special interest group
  • Basic Bobath course

We are accredited by the following: HCPC, CSP, Physio First, CPD, DBS, BOBATH

Pam Hicken

Pam has 27 years of experience of working in neurotherapy of which over 20 years was within paediatrics.  I have experience working with acquired and traumatic brain conditions, specialising in neuro muscular conditions, brain and spinal tumours, developmental delay, cerebral palsy and degenerative conditions.  Although I have worked for 20years within the NHS, I have also worked in Private care and for a Charity; I have also worked alongside social care and education.   My priority in my therapy is putting the client central to their care ensuring a personalised goal centred approach around the needs and wants of my clients and their families.  Within paediatrics I am excited by the team approach including working with parents, siblings, grandparents as well as health, social care and education.  I desire improvements in quality of life and achieving personal aspirations for a purposeful, meaningful and enjoyable lifestyle.

Pam has been involved in education throughout her career, this included more formally at Universities and presently she is a guest lecturer at UCLAN.  Pam has been involved and spoken on Regional and National courses regarding Technology Dependent patients.  She has been involved in writing policies and carepathways for the Hospital and Community Paediatric NHS  services.  Pam has also provided training and support for families and care teams regarding specific careplans, moving and handling, technology dependent respiratory care, neurology therapy programmes and falls management

  • Paediatric neurology
  • Adult Neurology
  • Neuromuscular conditions i.e SMA, DMD, SMARD
  • Oncology i.e brain and spinal tumours
  • Acquired and traumatic brain injuries
  • Huntington’s disease

Sinead Gallery

Sinead has over 10 years’ experience working within neurological therapies. Before specialising in neuro Sinead spent 3 years working as a Sports Therapist with various sports clubs and working for the Rugby Football League. This role involved working with children and adults at both professional, semi professional and amateur level. Her responsibilities included pitch side first aid, examining and assessing injuries, designing and implementing rehabilitation programmes for injured players, delivering a variety of different treatments to the players such as taping, sports massage, soft tissue therapy, stretching and strengthening programmes plus many more treatments to both help treat injuries and prevent injury, but also to support athletes back into physical activity. Sinead worked collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to offer the highest level of support to her clients.

Since 2012 Sinead has worked in neuro for a charity that supports clients within complex care who have a long-term neurological condition and also on a neuro rehab unit offering a period of intense neuro rehabilitation working alongside a multidisciplinary team consisting of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, neuro psychologists, neuro consultant, therapy assistants and nurses. This has helped develop Sinead’s extensive knowledge, skills and experiences over the years to provide expert neuro physiotherapy. Sinead has specialist knowledge of neuro physiotherapy and is able to complete assessments, outcome measures and neuro physiotherapy interventions whilst using complex clinical reasoning to support her treatments using relevant evidence based practice.

Over the years Sinead has worked with a variety of neurological conditions such as acquired brain injury, stroke, huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, brain tumours, FND, spinal cord injuries and hydrocephalus to name a few, it is important to note this list is far from exhaustive and Sinead also has experience with a wider variety of conditions.

As a neuro physiotherapist Sinead’s priority is individually developing and delivering treatments for her clients that have their personal goals at the centre of their therapy and she believes there is not one treatment suits all and only through thorough assessments is it possible to develop treatment that can support each individual client.

Helen Davin

Helen has been a qualified Physiotherapist since 1995 and for the majority of this time she has worked in adult neurology for the NHS and in private practice in the community, treating a wide range of neurological conditions. Helen participated in the setting up and service delivery of a CFS/ME service which spanned over a 10-year period. For the past 5 years Helen has worked in older adult mental health services managing both functional and organic disorders using skills in both physical and psychological management as a holistic approach to treatment.

  • Person centred and evidence based approach.
  • Using clinical reasoning to inform therapy decisions.
  • Recognising the importance of engagement as a key to rehabilitation.
  • Providing advice and support to family and care givers.
  • Active participant in MDT approach for over 25 yrs.
  • Falls management.
  • Dementia care.
  • Anxiety management.
  • Behavioural activation.
  • Fatigue management.
  • CBT.

Bobath courses


1999 – What is normal movement?
1999 – Assessment and treatment of a low tone patient.
2002 – Assessment and treatment of adult hemiplegia. The Bobath concept.
2002 – Ataxia workshop.

2008 – Graded exercise therapy.
2008 – How to manage pain and accelerate healing.
2009 – Mindfulness as a health care intervention for managing chronic pain and illness.
2009 – CBT for CFS.
2014 – FES.
2015 – Careflex specialist seating and support.
2015 – Spasticity management.


Registered with the CSP and HCPC and DBS checked.

Adeel Ahmed

Adeel is dedicated physiotherapist with 15 years of experience in providing high-quality physical therapy services to a diverse patient population within a neurological remit. Adeel has excellent communication, a creative approach to treatment and proactive work ethic. His background in physiotherapy encompasses various settings including hospitals, brain injury units and community.


Adeel has extensive experience of working with adult’s who have complex neurological problems from the early stages in their rehabilitation to helping them manage their condition long-term. Adeel prides himself in offering a tailored patient-centred treatment approach and setting realistic goals with the patient to achieve the desired outcome.

He is a chartered physiotherapist and skilled in providing evidence based neurological rehabilitation following severe and complex brain injury. Adeel’s speciality include Stroke, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Spinal cord injuries.

  • Specialist assessment of neurological conditions, ability to carry out diagnostic procedures and interpret the results for neurology patients with multi-faceted problems, including those with a highly complex presentation
  • Provide specialised advice on care and treatment for patients with neurological conditions.
  • Provide comprehensive physiotherapy intervention to clients in the community and inpatient facilities.
  • Highly developed manual physiotherapy techniques and manual/therapeutic handling.
  • Ability to provide written reports to referrers and other agencies involved in clients care and participate in clinical meetings as agreed and where necessary.
  • Ability to develop information that enables clients to understand and self-manage their condition whenever possible.
  • Passionate in clinical innovation, using research evidence-based practice and clinical network.
  • Adults with neurological conditions.
  • Complex postural and spasticity management.
  • Specialism in upper and lower limb rehabilitation.
  • Trained and experienced in the Bobath Concept and Movement Sciences Approach.
  • Skilled in the use of electrical muscle stimulation, for upper and lower limb.
  • Experienced in the use of upper and lower limb orthotics.

Gemma Rust

Gemma Rust

Gemma completed the Bsc Physiotherapy degree and qualified with a first class in June 2022. Gemma’s first role was in the NHS in the Stroke and Neurological community team, she then went on to working in Manchester on the orthopedic wards and has also spent time working as a locum in A&E and frailty wards. Gemma has extra qualifications in Matwork Pilates, she is looking to complete level 2 and 3 in the near future to become a fully accredited APPI Pilates teacher. Gemma also has a Sports Massage Diploma. Gemma regularly attends the gym for strength and conditioning training, her passion is to increase the accessibility for everyone to improve their health and fitness. With all Gemma’s experience and knowledge her treatment approach within her therapy sessions are lead with the intent to create long standing lifestyle changes.

Emily Barnes

Emily qualified as a physiotherapist in July 2022. Prior to this, she worked for over a year as a physiotherapy assistant at Neurotherapy Worx gaining a wide range of skills, treating patients with a variety of neurological conditions.

Since her qualification, Emily has worked in specialist amputee rehabilitation, developing a range of problem-solving skills in complex situations. She’s currently gaining further breadth of experience in a rotational post within the NHS.

Emily regularly liaises with other health professionals and family members in order to provide high quality tailored care through an MDT approach. She’s passionate about rehabilitation and improving quality of life. She adopts a holistic approach to patient care through individualising treatment by setting patient centred goals that achieve meaningful results.

We also have physiotherapy assistants working in the team to work with you with your aims and goals and to support the physiotherapist with their work with you. Our physiotherapy assistants work in both the clinic and also complete home visits too.

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Qualified Specialists

Qualified Specialists

Fully HCPC, CSP, Physio First, CPD, DBS accredited with proof of up date memberships upon request. We’re member of the aquatic therapy association of chartered physiotherapists (ATACP) and association of paediatric chartered physiotherapists (APCP) and association of chartered physiotherapists in neurology (ACPIN).

Innovative Therapies

Innovative Therapies

By staying ahead of cutting edge industry treatments, we bring you new and unique support and options. We believe in staying ahead of technical advances within our industry to deliver the best levels of care. We research and use the latest medical devices to support our neurological therapies. See our therapies pages for more information.

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We’ve invested in the latest, GDPR compliant IT systems for accurate patient record keeping. Our systems match the stringent data protection standards within the healthcare industry, enabling us to communicate fluidly with your other care providers and deliver collaborative care.

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