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Pam Hicken’s neurological physiotherapy blog – May 2023

What a week? It’s great when you are not just providing hands on treatment but supporting people in their lifestyle choices and facilitating their aspirations. 

This week I have walked up to a very windy Darwen tower with a client who wants to be more active and his goal is to walk up various British mountains.  I also had the joy of taking 2 clients swimming and re-teach them how to do it again following their head injuries.  One of my clients is keen to start running again after 20 years of struggling to walk and seeing us at Neurotherapy Worx due to an increase in falls, he is now ready to start jogging with me in his local streets.

To see people step again 3 months after a stroke; start Pilates and exercise following a diagnosis of FND; a young lady dance again after 8 years of an increasing sedentary lifestyle due to the difficulties of moving from Paediatric neurology services to adult services brings so much joy and job satisfaction.

I would recommend a job in therapy especially physiotherapy.  If you are looking for a career change as a physiotherapist and feel that you want to develop your skills and knowledge into neurotechnology, intensive therapy and into purpose and meaningful activities please get in touch. 

I would also recommend people check out what Neurotherapy Worx can offer we are not a replacement for NHS services, we can work alongside side them but we move people on from that 1hr a week home or clinic-based treatment to more intensive therapy and taking that next step into the community, social and family life. 

What are your aspirations?