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Being a children’s therapist…..Paediatrics, what a joy and what a challenge!!

To be in a position where a parent who is anxious, concerned, worried, unsure of the future is asking you to handle, assess, treat their cherished child is a huge responsibility and a huge honour.   

Families go through an emotional roller coaster when their precious child has had a life changing event or they have been given a long term diagnosis.  At some stage in the grief process they no longer need words to placate them, apologies, words to soothe or comfort; every parent reaches a point where they want action, they need goals, they want to have routine, they want to start planning the future they want to see some positivity in their child’s development and life. 

They look for professionals who understand their needs at that time in the process; parents want to be actively involved in rehabilitation and want ideas and reassurance; some families have been going round in circles within services or between services, some families are ready to no longer be a therapist but they want to be a parent again, a parent to their other children, a wife or husband or even a work colleague.  They need a therapist who understands their needs and aspirations but also those of their child’s, in a safe, fun and positive environment.  Where achievements are celebrated no matter how small. 

A full assessment of their physical abilities needs to be done to understand the reasons behind their mobility or movement problems.   This may be developmental delay and their need to gain new skills, it maybe they need to regain a loss of skills or it may be learning to achieve with the present skills they have.   

Then the fun can begin; therapy can be hard work, but goals are made achievable and treatment enjoyable.  The resources we have available are conducive to fun, are age appropriate; to encourage and maximise a child’s independence, self believe and skill acquisition. 

Every day for a paediatric physiotherapist is different with its own challenges; it is rewarding and exciting.  Celebrating a child’s success, no matter how small, is the greatest reward.  Seeing them lift their head, stand up, roll, pick up a toy, smile is the reason I do my job every day.